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Operation Nighthawk 2021 Terms and Conditions

  • Team Registration will be open on 14 May 2021 on the Darling Downs Region website darlingdownsregionscouts.org.au/nighthawk
  • Operation Nighthawk 2021 will be reduced in participants due to COVID 19 restrictions and conditions.
  • The Show Grounds Committee at Goombungee have allowed a limit of 1500 people on site at one time. This means the Nighthawk Committee have agreed there will be 90 Scout teams and 40 Venturer Scout teams only.
  • There has been uncertainty at times regarding border closures and declaration of hot spots at very short notice. Unfortunately for this year Operation Nighthawk participants will be limited to Queensland members only with the hope we can open the event to interstate participants in 2022.
  • The Nighthawk Committee asking for full teams of eight to allow maximum participation for members as possible. If you cannot make a team of eight you will need to negotiate with other Units to make a team of eight. The Nighthawk Committee will not combine teams, it will be the responsibility of the nominating Unit.
  • All youth must register on the Nighthawk application form for COVID management.
  • To manage COVID and registration procedures, team arrivals will be staggered. All team members and supporting people must be present, if possible, for registration prior to entering the venue. If there are members who have prior work commitments and may arrive outside their team’s allotted slot, please advise of their expected arrival time when you register at the venue.
  • All adults attending Nighthawk must register with the QR Code provided and undertake temperature checks and complete the COVID checklist upon arrival.
  • If a person does not meet the COVID criteria or fails a temperature check, they will not be admitted, and arrangements are to be made by their supporting members for that person to return home. Further information will be provided upon team acceptance.
  • Each Unit can nominate two teams only with no exceptions.
  • Operation Nighthawk must NOT be used as a Linking exercise for Cub Scouts.
  • Registration will be on a first in basis.
  • Once the participant/team quota has been reached, the application portal will be closed. Participant names are preferred with the application.
  • Once an invoice for payment has been issued, there will be 10 days to make payment, otherwise your application will not be accepted, and the place will be offered to a possible waiting list.
  • No changes to team names will be accepted after 27 July 2021.
  • All participants and adult supporters must comply with current COVID procedures. All leaders in charge of Units will be responsible for COVID compliance in their campsites in accordance with QBSI 7.15. The Nighthawk Committee will be responsible for COVID compliance during the event for participants.
  • With uncertainty of COVID regulations by August 2021, the Nighthawk Committee have agreed to the following restrictions:
    • Once participants and support people have been checked into the venue, leaving the site will be restricted to maintain COVID integrity. All entrances and exits will be supervised.
    • If for any reason an adult must leave the venue, they will have to check out and back in using the QR Code.
    • There will be no canteen, so all members need to be fully self-sufficient with meals additional food and snacks when they arrive for Operation Nighthawk.
    • There will be no Scout Shop or Badge Club on site. Any advertised merchandise will need to be pre-purchased online.


      • Refunds for full team withdrawals will be considered on a case by case basis, but may attract an administration fee dependent upon when the withdrawal has taken place.(e.g. if a replacement team can be found).
      • Teams are to be nominated for 8 participants each, if you present at Nighthawk with less than 8, no refunds will apply.
      • If Operation Nighthawk is to be cancelled at short notice due to a Health Directive such as a lockdown, refunds will be made for all applicants subject to an administration fee. The fee is to be determined upon when the cancellation has taken place.


Noncompliance of the Operation Nighthawk Terms and Conditions and other instructions will result a team being not accepted to attend.