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Joey Scouts (6 & 7 yrs)

Joey Scouts is your first section in Scouts. It’s for boys and girls aged 6 and 7 and it’s all about fun!

Life as a Joey Scout

Life as a Joey Scout is full of discovery and excitement! As a Joey Scout you’ll be part of a Mob which is full of energetic kids just like you. You’ll have a trained Joey Scout Leader who will look after you and plan fantastic activities for you and your Mob. As a Joey Scout you’ll learn how to share and care while having fun with your friends.

“Joey Scouts are extremely energetic so we tailor our programs to meet their high energy levels and their desire to discover the world. It’s our number one priority to ensure that our Joeys learn hands-on skills, make new friends, and have fun!”

What Can I Do in Joey Scouts?

  • play exciting games
  • sing songs
  • make and fly your own kites
  • play musical instruments
  • have sleepovers (1 night) and mob holidays (2 nights)
  • tell cool stories
  • make inventions like real scientists
  • explore the outdoors
  • visit local stores on excursions
  • make craft
  • plant your own garden
  • cook yummy treats
  • make lots of friends

Joey Scout Meetings

Joey Scout Mobs usually meet once a week at their local Scout or community hall. The trained Joey Scout Leader and their assistants are in charge of ensuring that their Joey’s are participating in activities that not only entertain them, but also develop their skills.

The meetings are a great chance for everyone to see each other and participate in fun activities that improve the child’s physical and mental abilities. At the end of every meeting Joey Leaders ensure that their Joey Scouts go home having learnt something exciting and new.